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Why retouch?

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Of course we don’t all walk around with a hair and makeup team, surrounded by professional beauty lighting, looking our ultimate best at every moment. But isn’t it nice to have a few images, reflecting how we would look on our most ideal day in the most ideal light? Ideal is a subjective term. Ideal for some might mean keeping it as natural as possible—getting rid of a few blemishes, stray hairs and maybe enhancing the light a little. For others, ideal means showing off flawless skin, more dramatic eye makeup, a new background and stylizing the look for a print campaign. Ideal is the goal, whether it’s images of people, places or things. In any case, it’s about knowing when to enhance and when to diminish, to fulfill the desired creative vision. 

That’s why I exist. I live to dodge and burn. Whether it involves some simple contouring and light enhancement or high-end, pixel level detail, I’m there. Nothing excites me more than to see a Photoshop histogram stretch from one end of the chart to the other in all it’s dynamic glory. Retouching is my passion, but I pride myself on knowing when to stop. I work in an organized and non-destructive manner, so I can always go back and dial it up or down. 

What sets me apart from other retouchers is my background which includes many years as a NYC art director at some of the top advertising agencies, creating print and broadcast for clients like American Express, UPS, Canon, Labatt Breweries and World Wildlife Fund. Having been an art director, my retouching and problem solving are distinctively elevated by the same discerning, creative eye. This, along with a love for painting and sculpture, enrich my artistic vision as a retoucher. Understanding how light shapes a subject, allows play within a range from subtle and natural, to striking and dramatic, while still maintaining realism. 

I’ve worked with many photographers and retouchers and have a great understanding and respect for what’s involved in the creation of great images. My goal is to be a “go-to retoucher”, so photographers can do more of what they love; like spend more time shooting. Helping creatives attain their vision to get the most out of an image—that’s my joy. Call me an idealist.

That’s why I retouch.