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Why retouch?

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Of course we don't all walk around with a hair and makeup team, surrounded by professional beauty lighting, looking our ultimate best at every moment. But isn't it nice to have a few images, reflecting how we would look on our most ideal day? Ideal is a subjective term. Ideal for some might mean keeping it as natural as possible—getting rid of a few blemishes, stray hairs and maybe enhancing the lighting a little. For others, ideal means showing off flawless skin, more dramatic eye makeup, a new background and stylizing the look for a print ad. In any case, it's all about calling attention to good features and minimizing anything potentially unflattering.

That's why I exist. I live to dodge and burn. Whether it involves some simple contouring and light enhancement or high-end, pixel level detail, I'm there. Nothing excites me more than to see a Photoshop histogram stretch from one end of the chart to the other in all it's dynamic glory. Retouching is my passion, but I pride myself on knowing when to stop. I work in an organized and non-destructive manner, so I can always go back and dial it up or down.

Before becoming a retoucher I spent years as a New York based art director working at some of the top advertising agencies, creating broadcast and print for a diverse array of clients including American Express, UPS, Canon, and Labatt Breweries. This, along with a love for painting and sculpture, enrich my vision as a retoucher. Understanding how light shapes a subject, allows play within a range from subtle and natural, to striking and dramatic, while still maintaining realism.

I've worked with many photographers and retouchers and have a great understanding and respect for what's involved in the creation of great images. My goal is to be a "go-to retoucher", so photographers can do more of what they love; like spend more time shooting. Helping creatives attain their vision to get the most out of an image—that's my joy. Call me an idealist.

That's why I retouch.