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About Lona

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I’m a retoucher, based in the coastal town of Guilford, CT, with wonderful clients across the country, as well as globally. I have a special passion for animals and people, but when it comes down to it, it’s all pixels, whether it’s skin, fur, wood, or wine.

As a retoucher, I love to help realize the ideal intention of an image. What is it trying to convey? Dramatic impact, quiet contemplation, moody atmosphere? Is it telling a story, stirring an emotion, exposing what’s raw and real? For some, ideal might mean perfection. For others, keeping it natural, including flaws, is perfection. Whatever ideal you see for your image, it’s my joy to help bring that out.

I utilize high-end, non-destructive techniques that retain natural skin texture, as well as desired detail and texture in hair, fur, fabrics and surfaces. I pride myself on knowing when to enhance, or diminish light, shadow, detail and color to fulfill the creative vision. I strive to achieve this, leaving no obvious, heavy-handed trace of my being there.

One thing that sets me apart from other retouchers is my background which includes many years as a NYC art director at some of the top advertising agencies, creating print and broadcast for clients like American Express, UPS, Canon, Labatt Breweries and World Wildlife Fund. Having been an art director, my retouching and problem solving are distinctively elevated by the same discerning, creative eye. This, along with a love for painting and sculpture, enriches my artistic vision as a retoucher. Understanding how light shapes a subject, informs everything I do, from dimensional portrait work, to believable composites.

Having worked with many photographers and retouchers in my past, I have a deep respect for what’s involved in the creation of great images. I don’t take lightly the trust a photographer puts in me with their photos. My goal is to be a “go-to retoucher”, so photographers can do more of what they love, spending more time shooting. Helping creatives attain their vision to get the most out of a photo—that’s my ideal image.